Why Are Credit Unions Better than Banks Oregon?

Credit unions should always be your number one choice. Forget about banks Oregon and their services as they are simply not worth your while. There are so many reasons why you should rely on other lenders that after learning some of them, you will not want to hear about Portland banks ever again. To ensure that you make the best decision for your future from a financial point of view, it would be recommended that you learn everything you can about these two types of lenders you can rely on: banks and credit unions.

Due to the extensive marketing campaigns that go on and on about how incredibly reliable and convenient banks are, people tend to consider them their number one option when they need one of the financial services that these establishments and other lenders have to offer. So, if they need a loan, this is where they will go. If they want to open a savings account, they will also contact banks. The same happens when they just want to have a current account and a debit card or would prefer to apply for a credit card.

However, an important fact that many individuals do not seem to be aware of is that bank consultants rely a lot on their commission. This means that they are motivated to convince as many clients as possible to opt for a certain service. The more they manage to get to opt for that service, the higher the commission that they earn. For these so called professionals, you are not just a client, you are the person that will help them get more money at the end of each month. Banks Oregon work on a business model that focuses on selling services and not on actually helping their clients.

There is a quite a difference between these establishments and credit unions. To ensure that you benefit from the best possible advantages when opting for the help of a lender, you should learn everything you can about each of these options. Now that you know how banks work, it is time to focus your attention on credit unions. This kind of lender is going to truly offer you the best possible solution for your current financial situation. Why? Because when you become their client, you become much more than that – you will be a member and a co-owner as this is the way that credit unions work.

Unlike the consultants that you meet at Portland banks, credit union professionals do not focus on levels of commission, but on your actual needs. They do not have anything to do with the business model that banks are built on, even if the services that they provide are similar. You will be able to get a loan for a new house or open a savings account or even get a credit card. The main difference here is the way that you are treated. When you walk out of this establishment, you will get a sense of accomplishment.

That is because of the fact that the credit union consultant that you will talk to is going to make sure that you do not leave without a solution or at least some answers. Even if your credit score does not match their standards, they will tell you how you can increase it. When you visit your local bank, the situation is not that convenient. They check your credit score and tell you straightforward that they are unable to help you (if your score does not meet their strict and high standards).

Credit unions are so different! Besides the fact that you credit score does not need to be as high as a bank would require, you will also learn some useful advice regarding what you can do about your current situation. At the end of the way, you will know for sure that you will get your loan approved after a while, depending on how you apply the advice that you were given. Now is the time to look for the right credit union in your area and see how you can become a member. In the past, that would have been really difficult to accomplish, but nowadays their requirements are not as strict. Do your research today!

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