How to Select Your China Industrial Valve

Selecting the best valve for your application requires careful consideration on your behalf. There are various factors you have to pay attention to when you shop for China Industrial Valve. Valve sizing and selection is a difficult and time consuming process but China Valve Manufacturer can help you with this.

It is important to have a clear understanding of valves’ application requirements so that you find the right valves for your needs. What are the essential valve attributes that will influence your decision? You should pay attention to control and function, media, flow, pressure, temperature and the piping system you use. After you have considered the above mentioned aspects you can go ahead and check out the available types of valves. How do you know what type of China Industrial Valve you need? What kind of flow control is necessary for your application? How about the function and the operation of the valve?

How do you choose the size of the valve? Most people do not know that the size they opt for should be able to provide flow control over the opening of the valve plug. Most valves suffer a change in flow when they open and some valves can alter the flow or gain of the valve. There are also valves that are best suited for on/off applications such a ball, plug, gate, diaphragm and butterfly. If the role of the valve is to prevent back flow you should use a check valve. When pressure control is an issue it is best to opt for a pressure regulating valve. Moving on, you have to consider the medial that flows through the system. Does your application have powders, granules or other materials? In this case you will need a solids valve.

Valves can be classified according to the media that flows through them as follows: hydraulic valves, water valves, gas valves, air valves, solids valves and vacuum valves. China Valve Manufacturer uses different materials and attributes for each media type. The sizing of the valve is one of the most important aspects because a valve of improper size will cause operating problems and this is the last thing you want. For on/off, block or isolating purposes you need a valve that can be sized to the pipe, tube or hose size.

Moving on, you should not ignore the material of the valve body. This is an essential criterion and before you opt for a certain material you should consider the media that flows through the valve, the surrounding environment and the maintenance of the valves. Valves that will be used with corrosive media should be made of materials that are resistant to corrosion. High pressure media on the other hand will require a high strength alloy. Corrosion resistant materials are recommended because they prevent corrosion in the long run and reduce maintenance costs.

Before you decide for a certain type of valve you should make sure that seals, packing, seats and other necessary replacement parts are available at the manufacturer. In this case if a valve gets damaged you will be able to fix it and you will not have to replace it. Next, the valves you choose should have high quality seals especially if you intend to use them in chemical plants, paper mills, oil and gas refineries and power generation facilities.

Last but not least you should not forget about the operation of the valve and the valve end connection. Will your valve be operated manually or automatically? Will it require an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator? What are the existing connections in your piping systems? The good news is that professional suppliers put at your disposal valves with multiple connection options. Also, there is the possibility to opt for adapter fittings in case you cannot find the desired connection type. As you can see, there are numerous aspects to be considered when shopping for industrial valves and all of them will influence your purchase.

Resource box: We know how difficult it is for our customers to select the right valves for their applications. This is why we do our best to help them select a China Industrial Valve that meets their specific requirements and that will perform great for many years to come. We are a leading China Valve Manufacturer and our reputation in this field speaks for itself. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our products, delivery terms, costs and so on.

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