What is Value Stream Mapping?

What is Value Stream Mapping? What is kaizen burst? At the same time, you might want to learn more about being able to attend a Process mapping event, which will turn out to be more useful than you might initially think, even if it is not as complicated as the first concept mentioned here.

What you need to know about this mapping of the information and materials that gets from the point of customer request to customer delivery is that it is a process that takes place across a few different departments. You are able to find out what are the places where waste takes place and what sort of opportunities you can take advantage from. At this point, you should be working on an ideal map that your organization needs to adhere to in the future. It all depends on the gaps that you have come across between the map that you have worked on and the ideal one.

The future map should be your organization’s goal for the next six to twelve months. This kind of event can take place for three to five days. If you are ready to learn about this process and about the others mentioned above, you should consider looking for a six sigma course provider that can explain everything to you and also offer you a variety of class options. You should be able to go to class or to learn everything you need to know online. Make a choice based on your preferences and current needs.

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What is Value Stream Mapping? What is kaizen burst? Should you attend a Process mapping event? You can learn more about either of these topics by visiting our website or coming to one of our course locations from the 20 that are currently available!

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